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College of Earth Resource Sciences & Engineering


Dr. Ramona M. Graves

Dean's Welcome

The College of Earth Resource Sciences & Engineering (CERSE) is home to some of Mines’ oldest and most established areas of study, while also offering unparalleled expertise in new and emerging fields. Our college combines robust technical, material and policy expertise to educate students to work collaboratively across disciplines and solve complex global challenges. Our vision is to make a bold impact on energy and earth resources education and research, both nationally and internationally, and to build the pipeline of future industry leaders.

CERSE is a strong, three-pronged structure comprised of six academic departments: it is technical (Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum Engineering) and hands-on with materials (Mining Engineering and Petroleum Engineering) combined with public policy-driven focus (Economics & Business and Liberal Arts & International Studies). CERSE contributes to Mines’ global reach and strategic partnerships around the world.

The students and faculty in CERSE are working collaboratively toward a shared vision of academic excellence. I am honored to serve as their Dean and invite you to learn more about each department’s extraordinary capabilities and accomplishments by visiting their websites.


Dr. Ramona M. Graves
Dean, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering


Learn more about CERSE and its programs in the brochure below.



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